Select For Cities IoT & Big Data Challenge

Two Cities: Antwerp & Helsinki | One challenge: Create your own solution From February 25th till March 29th Two Awards

The challenge:
Create your own solution

The aim of the hackathon is to bring together a diverse range of perspectives, from academics to entrepreneurship and professionals, competing to win the challenge about Big Data and IoT, with the most innovative solution, developing a prototype using Onesait platform capabilities to improve Antwerp Smart Zone and Jätkäsaari Zone.

As examples of developments, new sensors to let the city speaks (noise source detectors, crowds), gadgets and public devices (actuators, citizen interactions) or apps to increase city interactions and any other way to understand the Talk of The Town and improve citizens life.

The developments have to be created on top of our Onesait Platform. You can use the wide selection of tools provided on the platform and the Data Sources loaded for both Antwerp and Helsinki environments. Examples of loaded data are air pollution, traffic flow, maritime traffic data... If you need it, you can upload your own Data Source.

You might want to access on Onesait Platform to start discovering and thinking out of your solution.


On March 20th the jury will communicate the finalists, invited them to present their projects in each final event, respectively, in Antwerp or Helsinki. In the final event we will select the best solutions and communicate the winners.

Three winning teams will be selected by city!

The first winning team wil be awarded a prize of 3.000€.

The final winning teams will be awarded a prize of 1.500€ for second place and 500€ for third place.


The challenge is open to city Developers, Independent Developers, Students, Company Developers, Data Scientists… and in general, enthusiasts and makers of smart cities. You can participate as an individual or in a team.


You can register and submit your idea.


Communication of best out-of-the-box ideas selected.


You create your solution onto Antwerp and Helsinki platform environments.


Developers present their solutions and winners will be announced.


Developers present their solutions and winners will be announced.

How to participate in the
Select4Cities Challenge

If you want to participate, fill out this form:


Onesait Platform

Minsait’s platform offers a technological base to develop solutions.
It allows to:

Create future from the core.
Create new businesses in the digital era.
Transform traditional systems with disruptive solutions.

Innovate openly and in the community: Always up to date and taking advantage of the latest technologies, thanks to the support of the entire Open Source community working together, which you can also be part of.

Flexible control and growth: Consolidated management of all of the Platform's elements, from development to operation. We simplify the day-to-day tasks of you and your teams, and resolve scalability with a component-based architecture.

Create a comprehensive data strategy: Get the most out of your data. Model your business based on standards that ensure consistency and interoperability within the organization and with third parties, as well as long-term scalability.

Connect the physical and virtual worlds:Combine and extract value from information as a whole: new and legacy systems, mobile and web applications, sensor technology, social networks and much more, balancing the intelligence between Cloud and Edge.

Would you like to start creating your solution and compete for the prizes?
Here are the accesses to the Antwerp and Helsinki platforms.

The project
Select for Cities

Pre-Commercial Procurement Project to develop a data-driven, Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform for large-scale urban co-creation.

Deliver a solution for connecting cities IoT systems helping them become a large-scale de-facto Internet of Everything (IoE) Lab

Validate solutions based on the use-cases through real-life living lab scenarios

Demonstrate the ‘solutions’ capacity to allow user-center management of personal data (MyData model)

More info


Where do I find technical documentation of the platform that will help me in the development?

On the website you can find everything you need to start developing on Onesait Platform.

How do I access the city platforms?

Once you have chosen the city in which you want to present your solution, you must enter ó y registrarte para conseguir un usuario.

Can I participate in the competition?

If you are over 18 years old, you love developing applications and you are passionate about IoT and Big Data world, we are waiting for your idea! Be sure there is no conflict of interest because of your relationship with or a family member with the organization.

How do I participate?

If you have an idea and want to carry it out in one of the two cities, you simply have to fill in the registration form and accept the legal conditions of it. If your idea is selected among all the received ones, we will contact you to let you know you are going to the next phase.

Can I participate in a team?

Yes, you can participate alone or in teams of up to three people.

How will it be evaluated?

We will take into account::concept, ambition, impact, innovation, design, presentation... If you want to know more details, you can consult the rules of the competition.